Tussie Mussie Wedding Flowers

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Words of Praise

"Debbie, we loved the flowers! They were beautiful and I got lots of compliments. The arbor was wonderfully done!!! Thank you sooooo much."
                                     -Sarah and Chris

                             (September 19, 2009)


"Hi Deb, Thank you so much for doing such a great job on my flowers. They were all so beautiful.  Everybody at the wedding commented on them.  It was so funny at table #2, people were fighting over the centerpieces."
                               - Melissa and Charles
                                    (August 22, 2009)


"Hi Debbie! I can’t even tell you how much we loved the flowers!! Words can’t describe how beautiful they looked!  All the guests said how lovely they were. Emily and Brian’s wedding was picture perfect – rain and all!"                                        -Diane 
                                        (August 29, 2009)

"The floral arrangements in the chapel were magnificent, absolutely beautiful!  Rachel's bouquet was so elegant, she looked beautiful carrying it down the aisle.  My tussie mussie and all the corsages were beautiful as were the boutonnières.  They were the best flowers I have ever seen at a wedding!  I have to tell you that the pumpkin centerpieces were a big, big, hit and they made the reception room so festive.  There were a few tense moments as tables decided who the lucky person would be to take one home.  Guests were taking them to their cars before the reception was even over!"
          - The Edwards Family (2006)

"Thank you so much for all the wonderful flowers you put together for our wedding.  Everything was absolutely gorgeous!  It was the orange wedding of our dreams!"
                  - Nicole and Steve (2006)

"Thank you so much for all the beautiful flowers.  I absolutely loved my bouquet!  It was such a pleasure working with you."   
                        - Susan (2004)

"The flowers were amazing!  They surpassed my expectations leaps and bounds!  You did a beautiful job.  I was so happy with them all.  The bridesmaids bouquets were the best I have ever seen and so classy!  The wedding was stunning!"
                        - Katherine (2006)

"Thank you so much for all your help and cooperation during our wedding.  The flowers were spectacular!  People are still talking about them.  On such a gloomy day they brought much sunshine to my little girl."  
                        - Roberta (2004)




"Thanks again for a wonderful job.  Everyone raved about the flowers.   In addition you were so patient with us and all of our changes." 
                        - Elaine (2003)

"Thank you so much for making our wedding day perfect.  The flowers were absolutely beautiful.  I couldn't have asked for anything better.  All of our guests commented on how beautiful the flowers were.  You did a wonderful job.  I couldn't have been happier.  Thanks again."
        - David and Jessica (2004)

"Debbie, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the gorgeous flowers. They were absolutely amazing!  The flowers were beautiful and made our wedding perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better florist. You have such a great talent. Thank you for everything."
                                                      -LeeAnne and Bryan
                                                       (September 18, 2009)

"Hi Debbie, We had the best day of our lives! The flowers were more beautiful than Tim and I could have ever imagined!  Thank you so much for everything!  People were fighting over the pumpkins as we predicated!  We got so many compliments!  Thank you for all your amazing work!"  
                                                            -Vikki and Tim
                                                         (October 3, 2009)

Hi Debbie, I LOVEDDDDDDD the flowers. When we got to my mom’s, everyone was raving about how beautiful the flowers were. The bridesmaids loved theirs and mine was absolutely perfect. My family members were all in tears when I presented them. Thanks again and all the best."
                                                           (October 3, 2009)  


"Debbie, Thank you Sooooooo much!  Everything was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so thankful for everything you did!  Everyone commented all night on how everything was so nice!"
                                                       (September 25, 2009)


"Hi Deb, We are boarding our Flight to Greece now, but I just wanted to send you a real quick message to say the flowers were absolutely gorgeous!  The tables looked beautiful and everything was wonderful. Thank you soooooo much!  We will chat when I get back."
                                                                           - Kelly   
                                                      ( September 26, 2009)

"Thank you so much for the Fantastic Wedding Flowers. They were gorgeous and exactly what we wanted!  We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw them; we couldn’t believe how beautifully put together they were. Everything from the corsages to the Tussie Mussie bouquets and the Church Flowers were stunning! We are so happy to have had the opportunity to work with you! We couldn’t be happier!  Thanks Again."
                                  - Tom and Nicole  (2003)

"Thank you so much!  Everything was beautiful! I appreciate all of your time and special attention.  It was a WONDERFUL DAY!
                                            - Christy (2002)

"Debbie, everything was Beautiful! The Bridesmaids Bouquets were gorgeous and mine more beautiful then I could have imagined. The centerpieces matched my bouquet so well that one of the guests was taking the centerpiece home I thought he was taking my bouquet!  The flowers made the day so beautiful. We couldn’t have found a better florist.  Thank You!"
                                            - Danielle and Michael (2004)

"Thank You so much for the Great job you did on the wedding flowers. Everything was perfect!  I loved the cake and we received so many compliments."
                                            - Heather (2003)

"Debbie, Thank you so much for helping make our day so beautiful! I cannot even express to you how much I LOVED MY BOUQUET! It was amazing! You gave me exactly what I wanted. I will definitely recommend you to anyone getting married! Thanks Again."
                                           - Jennifer (2004)

"Deb, I've been meaning to write to you to tell you how pleased I was with my flowers.  You did a beautiful job and they were everything I wanted and more!  You were great to work with and it was nice to know I could count on you!"
                                         - Faith (2006)

"Deb, Thank you so much for doing our flowers.  Everyone complimented how beautiful they were.  I especially loved my calla lilies!"
                                  -    Kevin and Leah (2006)

"Debbie, I'm sending this really quick email.....before we leave for Jamaica.  THANK YOU so very much.  The flowers were absolutely extraordinary.  You do such fabulous work and everything was exactly the way I pictured it.  Right down to the ribbon wrapped around the boutineers!!!
Thank you so much and thank Pam for the help she gave you!" 
                                              -  Rosemarie (2007)


"Deb, Thank you so much for the most Beautiful            Flowers we have ever seen. Laura said all Day “Mom I love my Flowers!” You are the best, and I plan on spreading the word. Thank you again."
                                              -   Bob and Dale - Oct 07   

   "Debbie, I LOVED the Flowers!! especially my bouquet. You did such a wonderful job!!"          
                                                         - Sumi P. - April 08


"Dear Debbie, the Flowers were amazing, as was the rest of the wedding day! Thank you so much for contributing to a beautiful wedding and the beautiful memories for the rest of our lives!"    
                                                  - Jeff and Ellie M. - July 08


 "Debbie, I just wanted to Thank you so much for everything and for making our wedding such a wonderful day filled with beautiful flowers. I was blown away by all of your work. They truly were beautiful flowers and I can not thank you enough. Good Luck and thank you again."
                                                       - Chelsea -August 08 

      "Dear Debbie, I can’t Thank you enough for the amazing Job you did for my daughters wedding. The flowers were absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for helping make Chelsea’s wedding perfect. The church pieces and the bouquets (especially Chelsea’s) were beautiful. Thank you!"  
                                       - Linda and David W. - August 08 

"Debbie, Debbie, Debbie, You Rock! I just wanted to thank you for your beautiful bouquets! Your flowers were the most beautiful I have ever seen. Everyone commented on them (I have even given out some of your info to future brides…) Thank you so much for your hard work, beautiful is all I can say. With much love and thanks!"
                                                      - Mrs. Leigh T. - Oct 08     

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